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REFORMER PILATES helps to gain mobility through the opening of muscular chains, is effective against arthritis and joint problems, optimises and strengthens the muscular system acting preventively, complements your workout as a pillar of strength and endurance and relieves pain in the locomotor system in few sessions.​

The KORE team!

Zee Filho - Trainer

"Fun and Effective training with his diverse background experience.
You will feel stronger and full of energy after each class ”

Julio Cesar - Trainer

"Brazilian training skills built with knowledge in different sports he used to compete in.
We should look after our body, avoid injuries and increase energy levels with a great soundtrack"

Grace Cordeiro - Trainer

"I specialise in body sculpting, nutrition planning and strength and conditioning. I believe women shouldn't be afraid of weights”

Carmen Miranda - Trainer

"I will push you out of your comfort zone and you will gain more confidence than you knew you had”

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